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Good Reads by Good People, Thinking Good Sane Thoughts

  • These are merely suggestions for articles I think are worth reading

Here you will find articles by people I believe are great sources of intellect, reasonable thinking and generally just good reads

Just click the links below:

James O'Keefe Uncovers Massive Potential Political Money Laundering to Democrat Campaigns 

A Church. The State. And a Holy War - a truly beyond belief story of how Covid turned us into 1984

Biden requests billions to advance gender agenda worldwide

A Covid Reckoning in the United Kingdom - and this is from the UK. What would our US leaders private messages show?

"Yes, it's an experiment" - Norway joins the shift to caution on gender medicine 

The Censorship Complex Isn’t a ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Conspiracy, And The ‘Twitter Files’ Just Dropped More Proof

Is Tucker Carlson Wrong to Describe the Capitol Riot as Mostly Peaceful? - A very good, middle-ish look at the infamous Jan 6th

MN Gun Owners Caucus press release on 4 gun control bills 


Freespoke Search Engine - aside from being a much more balanced search engine, it's also an amazing source of news from all sides (specifically noted) and stories that are being censored. 

Hoover Institution's profile of Thomas Sowell 

Michelle Goldberg: My knee jerk progressive reaction to teen depression was wrong and conservatives might be right

Lisa Selin Davis - a life long liberal sounding the alarm on the child trans issue

Why I'm Resigning My Membership to WNYC - a concise take on how the Left and Media have ignored facts and reality surrounding the child transitioning madness

Victor Davis Hanson -

Are We the Byzantines?

The Price of Eliminating Consequences 

Life Among the Ruins - Amazing take on current American society

The Ukraine's War Prelude to What? 

The Toxic Racialist Obsessions of Joe Biden 

Destroying Meritocracy is Deadly 

Michael Shellenberger - 

How Bad Is It? Trump, Rogan and the end of America

Why Woke Nihilism Destroyed California 

  • "So goes California, so goes the country," as the saying states. Minnesota to follow?

Video - Biden is Failing the World 

Why a Shocking Number of Crazy-Sounding Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories Turned Out to be True

  • This is a paid subscription article, but you'll get the point from the portion you can read

In The Birth of Black Panthers, Black Leaders Battle Anti-Police Activists

  • A good read for when we can get Larry Pinkney back for a podcast

Alpha News - 

Minnesota to become a sanctuary state?

Outspoken parent banned from communicating with daughter's teacher

Flanagan: Good parents 'believe' kids when they 'tell us who they are'

Center for the American Experiment - 

Who's funding ranked choice voting in MN?

Minnesota's extreme stance on child sex changes draws unwanted national attention

In  2022, coal was king.....

Xcel Energy wants to charge you more to pay for electric vehicle charging stations

Democrats to ban bottled water


Tulsi Gabbard: Biden, Dems share same 'core principles' as Hitler 

Libs of TikTok creator is publishing a children's book

City Journal -

A Covid Reckoning in the UK 

Christopher Rufo's research on Woke Education

What Buttigieg Ignored About the Construction Industry


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