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One Person, One Vote

I would like to whole heartedly thank Paul for accepting my offer to post anything people submit (it would have to be pretty egregious for me to think twice). This is a wonderfully thought out piece. Keep em coming! -- DB


To the Editor:


Some people want to scrap the Electoral system of voting for the President and opt for “one person, one vote,” where the popular vote count would decide the winner. However, no good case can be made for one person, one vote unless you want to make a case for woke socialist Democrats remaining in power permanently. One person, one vote is another Democrat scheme like mail-in voting, ranked-choice voting, statehood for the city of Washington, and opening the border to “refugees.” All are devious tricks intended to grant Democrats a hold on power forever.


Those advocating this change don’t understand the concept of federalism as defined in the Constitution. We are a nation of states with their own measure of sovereignty, the pattern agreed to by our founders and set into law in the Tenth Amendment. Presidential elections are decided by a majority of electors from each state in numbers equal to each state’s representatives along with their two senators. If this system should be abandoned for a one person, one vote rule, the states with the largest populations would determine every national election. Candidates would not court voters in all 50 states under one person, one vote. They would ignore states with lower populations since their votes would be insignificant. But, there is more at stake here.


Why should every vote count? Many votes are illegitimate or even fraudulent. Counting them is pernicious and unjust and only thwarts the will of the people. What evidence for voter fraud is there? In the 2020 election alone, many violations were reported. Mail-in voting was allowed well before and, in some cases, after election day. Thousands of mail-in ballots either had no signature or did not have signatures verified. Other ballots were harvested by operatives who went door-to-door collecting them (and correcting them). Ballot dropboxes were left unguarded 24 hours a day. The film documentary, 2000 Mules, caught 2000 Democrat operatives dumping ballots in these dropboxes 38 times on average late at night. Also, Republican poll workers were evicted from a polling center in Pennsylvania (recorded on camera) while at another boxes of manufactured votes were brought in by truck (a whistleblower reported). At some polling centers, Democrat ballots were counted multiple times over while Republican ballots were destroyed.


Many states simply refuse to require an ID to vote. So, of course, many deceased people, non-residents, illegal aliens, precinct jumpers, and even felons still in prison voted in these states. Some precincts had more ballots than people. Other precincts reported zero Republican votes. Republican counties had higher voter turnouts than Democrat counties except for Democrat counties that were suspected of committing voter fraud. Those counties had very high voter turnouts (Minnesota had the highest voter turnout in the nation – fraud?).


Are all of these fraudulent votes insufficient to account for Trump’s loss to Biden in 2020? Trump polled the highest number of votes for a sitting President in history. Yet, Biden, despite hardly ever campaigning outside of his basement, acquired the same number of votes plus enough votes in three swing states to put him over the top. If Trump had been credited with just 44,000 more votes in these three states, he would be our President today. That vote deficit could have been erased if only some of the fraud in the election had been stopped.


Counting fake votes in those states with lax voter verification laws (which happen to be those with the most evidence of election fraud) skews the results unjustly and nullifies the votes cast by legitimate voters. The genius of the traditional system is that voter fraud can only affect the tally within a state, so regardless of how many fraudulent votes are counted in a state like California, for instance, that state has a set number of electoral votes it can cast. This safeguard would be lost if we went to a one person, one-vote system. We must continue electing our presidents by the electoral process.


But, if you like woke culture, the “equity” of socialism, and economic disaster, you will like one person, one vote. It will assure that Democrat fascism will win every election and hold an iron grip on power forever.


Paul Lysen