Minnesotans are overtaxed. By reducing government waste, leveraging our budget responsibly, and standing up against DFL proposals like the 20-cent gas tax, we have steadily reduced the tax burden.

In 2017 we delivered nearly $650 million in tax relief:

- We reduced taxes on Social Security income, helping 350,000 seniors. We want seniors to keep more of their money so they can stay here with their families and enjoy a comfortable retirement.
- We created a first-in-the-nation tax credit recent college graduates paying off student loans
- We brought Farmers and mom-and-pop business significant property tax relief
- We expanded tax credits for working families and families with young children

In 2019 we passed another tax bill which included:

- The first middle-class income tax cut in nearly two decades
- Additional cuts to Social Security taxes
- Another round of property tax cuts for main street businesses.