The civil unrest following George Floyd’s tragic death left local businesses devastated. Governor Walz and metro leadership watched Minneapolis and St. Paul burn. Despite the circumstances, it is unacceptable that the rioting and looting was allowed to spread unchecked. At the very least our leaders should be able to stand up against blatant anarchy. We were left without protection because the Governor refused to take action. That is not the kind of leadership Minnesotans want.

After the rioting settled, we engaged with fellow legislatures and community leaders and developed substantial police reform for Minnesotans. We will never defund or dismantle the police, but we are committed to holding bad cops accountable while supporting the essential work of law enforcement. The new law:

- Prohibits police from using chokeholds and neck restraints- unless needed to preserve the life of an officer or innocent victim when all other options are unavailable

- Bans law enforcement agencies from using “warrior-style” training

- Makes it a duty for an officer to intervene when witnessing another officer using excessive force, and requires a report to a superior

- Includes additional training for officers to better recognize mental health and autism