Americans often take our God given rights for granted. From our founding, we have believed in inalienable rights, but if we do not elect individuals who will champion those rights, we will lose them. We have to be vigilant and utilize our platforms to stand against attempts to dilute or revoke our rights.

Religious Freedom:
You have the right to practice your religion. During COVID shut downs, I regularly pushed for the governor to reopen opportunities for religious practice as much as possible. Church leaders should be open, particularly when large stores remain open without constraints. Stifling people’s right to congregate and worship is unacceptable.

Parental rights:
I believe that parents are excellent advocates for their children and strive to act in the child’s best interest. Government overreach should not interfere with parental rights, particularly in matters of education and healthcare.

Data privacy:
Government data should be public unless there is a compelling security reason for privacy or secrecy.

Your data is yours alone. You have the right to decide when it is disclosed only with informed consent.

Governments and businesses are actively seeking access to your health data. Under Federal HIPPA standards, major health organizations have shared or sold your health records to Google. It is a violation of Minnesota law for your records to be shared in this way. I worked to protect the Minnesota Health Records Act which guarantees that your health data cannot be shared except with your informed consent (except in the case of emergencies). I chose to stand firm against lobbyists in order to protect your health records. Without my resolve to protect your data, it could be sold to Google without your consent.

COVID Recovery:
Some in government see crises as a time to consolidate power.
As Chair of the Health and Human Services committee, I pushed back as the government sought to gather more data on private citizens to be stored in a database and used for non-COVID purposes. I made sure they cannot keep COVID data for anything outside the pandemic.