I am pro-life:
Support mothers in difficult pregnancies.
Protect the vulnerable.
Pray for those who have suffered loss.

From a young age I have believed in the sanctity of life. My first pro-life speech was at age 16. My beliefs were challenged throughout college, but through it, I learned the importance of fact-based support for the unborn.

Serving on the Health and Human Services Committee since 2011 has deepened and expanded my understanding and commitment to protecting the vulnerable, no matter the stage of life. Since becoming Chair of the HHS Committee, I have had the opportunity to influence policy on pro-life issues and stand against efforts to revoke those rights.

We stopped physician assisted suicide. We supported expansion of palliative care and hospice so that the end of life is respected and families are supported.

We expanded access to suicide prevention resources so that those who have lost hope can get help.

We supported families who have a child born with a disability.

We continue to stand for the rights of the unborn.

We all have a duty to protect the vulnerable, recognizing the value of life from conception to end-of-life. We have to stay in positions that allow us to continue to fight for the sanctity of life. Every single life is precious. As a firmly pro-life legislator, I will continue advocating for initiatives that ensure mothers and their babies, vulnerable adults, and our elderly are all protected.

Just over the last few years I have carried and supported many pro-life bills, here are a few.


SF800 (Benson): HHS omnibus included language to add “abortions performed by telemedicine” to a form that reports the number of abortions performed by the facility. Vetoed by Governor Dayton.

HF809 (Kiffmeyer): Prohibits use of state funds for abortions. Vetoed by Governor Dayton

HF812 (Fischbach): Licenses abortion facility and provides for inspections of the facilities. Vetoed by Governor Dayton

SF943 & SF2214 (Fischbach): Both Omnibus Higher Ed bills require the U of M to create a Fetal Tissue Research Committee which oversees the use of fetal tissue for research. Vetoed by Governor Dayton.

SF2 (Benson): Established the Palliative Care Council to improve access to palliative care and recommend legislative action if needed.


SF2849 (Benson): Requiring physician or physician’s agent to inform the patient who is having an abortion, they can see the ultrasound image, if one is performed. Vetoed by Governor Dayton.

SF2 (Benson): Provided reliable support for families with children with complex medical needs through Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC)

SF1609 (Benson): ‘The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act’ would prohibit abortions once an unborn child has reached 20 weeks of age and is able to feel pain inside a mothers’ womb.