Keeping Patients and Doctors at the center of care is my top priority.

As Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, I am responsible for protecting our state from irresponsible healthcare proposals and delivering realistic reform so Minnesota families, farmers, and businesses have access to excellent care at an affordable and transparent price. Here are just a few of the initiatives we accomplished in my Committee over the last few years:

- Saved the individual health insurance market and dramatically lowered premiums through the reinsurance program to keep health care affordable for families, farmers and self-employed businesses

- Passed a bipartisan bill which creates a framework for a flexible, new way for doctors and patients to work together without insurance middlemen. We know a patient doctor relationship is vital

- Created an insulin plan to address both urgent and long-term needs of diabetics to ensure those struggling to afford their insulin will have the support they need

- Improved transparency of healthcare costs

- Protected nursing home funding and took measures to protect the elderly and vulnerable from abuse

- Reduced and stabilized the price of prescription drugs by regulating Pharmacy Benefit Managers

- Stopped single-payer healthcare run by the government

- Fought against the opioid crisis for our communities

- COVID-19 presented new challenges but hospitals received critical funding, long term care facilities had the resources they needed, and dedicated caregivers had access to PPE