Strong Families are Minnesota’s foundation

Especially with all that has happened this year, education, family budgets, and safety and security are at the front of our minds.

We all want a safe reopening of schools this fall. Our kids need the structure and interaction to get back on track. Many schools have been working diligently with teachers and parents to prepare, but they have had to wait too long to be told what is expected of them for the upcoming school year. Keeping students, teachers, and staff safe is a priority, and there are many different ways for schools to innovate how they educate this fall. Local elected leaders should be given the freedom to decide what is best for their district, utilizing the resources available to them to accommodate their students, teachers, and staff.

Family Budgets First
The forecasted recession has many families understandably worried. Before this pandemic we had developed a great surplus that we planned to use to cut taxes, expand the K-12 Education Tax Credit, conform to section 179, and more, but for now, we just have to refocus our priorities to get our economy booming again. I will prioritize initiatives to help families succeed and protect their hard earned money as we work together to recover from the economic impact of the COVID shutdown.